Current Studies About the MVP

Critique Debunks Mountain Valley Pipeline Economic Benefits
Cultural Attachment Expert Report
Legal Memo to Require Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
Map of Proposed Route 10-23-15 7C
Report on Geologic Hazards in the Karst Regions of Virginia and West Virginia

Preserve Craig Letters

Preserve Craig Comment and Objection to Environmental Information Request from the FERC to MVP
Request to Federal Legislators for FERC Oversight
The Forest Service Comment Period on MVP’s Survey Request has closed.
Click here to view the comment submitted by the Preserve Craig Science and Technical Committee.

Comment Submissions to FERC Regarding MVP Environmental Issues

Submitted by Preserve Craig

Submitted by Craig County Board of Supervisors

Submitted by Citizens

Submitted by Others

FERC Documents Regarding MVP Formal Filings

FERC Notice-11-27-15 deadline to Intervene MVP

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