USFS Response to DROD Objections – 10-23-17


Select link above to read the official USFS Response to DROD Objections – 10-23-17

Dear Objector:
This letter constitutes my written response to your objection concerning the above-referenced Draft Record of Decision (DROD). My review of your objection was conducted in accordance with the requirements of 36 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 218, Subparts A and B. These regulations provide a pre-decisional, administrative review process for certain decisions of the Forest Service related to projects and activities implementing land and resource management plans.

Due to the large number of objections on this project, I am issuing one written response for all objections as allowed by 36 CFR ยง 218.11(b). The Forest Service has a limited decision space with the Mountain Valley Project and Equitrans Expansion Project (hereinafter referred to as MVP), and, therefore, must consider these objections within the scope of its role as a Cooperating Agency.


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